Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Magnet maths numeracy games

Recently Joshua was given a magnetic blackboard and paint easel. I have been trying to find educational uses for the blackboard and came across these fun activities:
  • Addition of round magnets: As shown above - we were working on sliding the round magnets together and counting the total. Then you can work together to put the sum on the board.

  • Counting with the round magnets. You can simply slide the magnets from one side of the blackboard to the other. We have been practicing counting to 5.

  • Putting the numbers in order: Place all the numbers including 10 (easier if it is one magnet 10 - not 1 and 0). Then we sing the song to 10 and put the numbers in the correct order as we sing that number.
 I store our magnets in old formula tins. I recovered the tins in wall paper.

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