Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to make glass jar candle holders

Recently we had my husband’s 30th birthday party and I wanted to light up the garden with candles. However they often blow out when we have a breeze. So I thought about to solve this problem and realised that I had heaps of glass jars. 
Here is how to make glass jar candle holders.

Step 1: Buy or recycle jars you use when cooking. I saved up about 20 jars for our party.
Bella our golden retriever supervising my efforts.
Step 2: You will need to fill the bottom quarter of the jar with sand, rice or soil to keep the glass from blowing up. Also the sand catches the wax drips from the candles and makes sure it doesn’t get stuck to the glass!
Here is the first jar I did. Then it started to rain, so I moved them undercover to finish off.
Step 3: Once you have filled all the jars with sand, then you need to add a candles to each jar.

I used tea light candles. However you can use any candle that will fit in the jar.
Step 4: Then you can place them into their final position outside or inside.
I placed them about 1 meter apart all through our garden.
In between the strawberry plants near our entertaining area.
Next to the oregano and basil plants in the side vegie patch.

Step 5: Wait until night time and light the candles. Enjoy your night with friends and family.
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