Thursday, 1 May 2014

Chicken area construction

Recently we decided that we would get some chickens for our backyard. This gave a few things to think about, especially about where we would keep them at night. During the day they will free range on our large lawn (500 square metres). We needed to make a plan of what we wanted. So here is what we finally decided on. We used a corner of our property that is nice and shady, protected from the weather on 3 sides and will comfortably hold 5 chickens. The chicken area will be about 6 square metres (2m x 3m).
Before we started: 
 Step One:
We had to check that the chicken coop we recently built would fit in the space. Yay – it did! Then we checked with our local council about how we should build the chicken area and not do anything against the law. We had to make sure the roof was below 2m high. 

 Step Two:
Then we were fine to start the framework for the area. When you do the bottom of the frames, make sure that the wood and the wire are under the ground by at least 15cms -  to protect against digging dogs or foxes. 
We also built the gate and put locks on the inside and outside, so you can shut the gate while your inside and they won't escape.
Step Three:
Put the chicken wire in ANY gap that you can find. You don’t want rats, mice, snakes, cats, possums or anything else getting into the chicken coop. You can see the wire curve around the corners below. 
Step Four:
Paint the frame and put the roof on. We used clear plastic roofing and put it on a slight slope to drain the water into our garden.  
 We also planted a hedge to create shade on hot days.  
Bella inspecting our work!
I will post more our chickens soon...
Lady Creativity

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