Friday, 11 April 2014

New pittosporum trees in garden

Recently we started planting the trees that surround the boundary of our backyard. We have chosen to use screenmaster pittosporums (Pittosporum tenuifolium).
This variety has an upright, dense growth with small rounded leaves. Screenmaster is tolerant of drought and coastal conditions. It grows to 4 meters in height and 2 meters wide.
Screenmasters should be planted about 1 meter apart to make a 'wall' of green trees. Our backyard is roughly 25 meters long by 22 meters wide. Therefore to edge the whole backyard in trees it is 25m left side + 25m right side + 22m back = 72 meters of garden.  That's 72 trees! Also it is 72 holes to dig and fill with fresh soil. So we made a start last weekend.
Here is what they look like a week later.
Lady Creativity

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