Sunday, 27 April 2014

Chicken coop construction

Recently we decided we would get some chickens for our backyard. The first thing we realized that we would need was a chicken coop that would fit up to 5 chickens in it comfortably. After spending a few hours researching the best options for coops and talking to friends with chickens, we bought this chicken coop kit from the internet for a cheap price.
Afternoon One:
We picked up the chicken coop in pieces and spent the afternoon assembling all the pieces together.
Afternoon Two:
Once all the pieces were together, it was time to paint the coop. We plan to roof our chicken area, but it will still need exterior paint. 
I chose a medium grey paint on the inside and outside of the coop, as I don’t want to have to scrub it down every time its gets dirty.  

 The roof was painted a darker shade of grey.
Afternoon Three:
I let the paint dry completely before we took the new coop outside to its new location. Now we are starting to build the chicken area!
More to come soon.
Lady Creativity

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