Monday, 10 March 2014

Week 11: household tasks and cleaning checklist

Household tasks and cleaning
Dust surfaces and sills, vacuum and steam clean floors.
Spray and wipe benches, windex glass surfaces and mirrors. Wipe hand and pet prints from windows, walls and sliding doors. Remove contents of kitchen cabinets and clean interiors.
Reorganize closets for season, selling or donating unwanted items.
Organise recipes, birthday candles, medicine cabinet and plastic containers.

Garden and outdoor care
Water garden when necessary. Only if temperature has been high with little rainfall.
Harvest sweet corn and compost green parts.
Collect and save seeds.
Water plants in garden beds if 3 or more dry days. 

Make or create a new fun activity for grandparents to do when minding children.
Check out the local markets. Make list of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit to get from next farmers market.
Do Wii fit workout and walk dog. If cannot walk or Wii fit, then run up and down stairs 20 times.
Make meal planner for week. Try new recipes
Skip to the letterbox
Say “I love you” just one more time
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