Friday, 7 March 2014

Side vegie patch update

Here is an update about how our side vegie patch is going. It is the start of autumn this week, so my summer crops will start to finish up in the next few weeks. I am very happy how they have all grown, as this is a shady part of the garden with only 4 hours of sunlight a day. We will be building the large vegie patch (facing north in full sunlight) in a few months!  
Broad beans are one of the easiest plants to grow. They will be ready for harvest during the spring. These plants do not require any nitrogen inputs, however like almost all plants they should get a good layer of compost. I was surprised that they grew so well with all the shade that the side driveway receives. Beans begin to ripen from the base of the plant up, so check the lower part of the vine first. They  will more than likely need a support if not densely planted. We were very excited to harvest about a 1kg of beans.
Our tomato plants have shot up in the few weeks. They look a little sad here, as it has been very hot over the few days! I will retie the string on the supports and give them a deep watering later in the afternoon once the heat passes.
 After a close inspection I found some hidden gems under the leaves.
I can't wait till all the tomatoes are ripe. Yum!
Our mint is thriving! I am going to pot up some of the runners to put in the new vegie patch once it is built. I have also been growing small cuttings in water over the last few weeks. I will put a link up to this soon.
I love making pesto from basil. Here the basil is thriving. I think it is because it receives the most sun during the day as it is on the corner of the house and side vegie patch.
Spring onions:
Spring onions like a light,well drained soil which you will have in your VEG but they do prefer a slightly acidic soil. I have placed cuttings in this garden that I have grown from seed and also in water.
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