Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 7: household tasks and cleaning checklist

Household tasks and cleaning

Dust surfaces and sills, vacuum and steam clean floors.
Spray and wipe benches, windex glass surfaces and mirrors. Wipe hand and pet prints from windows, walls and sliding doors.
Wax wood furniture. Use a walnut on any chips or dents.
Check and replace batteries in smoke detectors.
Check fridge and freeze for food past it’s used by date. Throw out any questionable foods. Clean any spills on inside and outside surfaces of the fridge and freezer.
Organize the linen closet. Dust shelves. Maximize space by getting rid of any linen you don’t use. Use old sheets for drop cloths and old towels for cleaning. Take to op shop if not needed. Towels go to RSPCA shelter.
Garden and outdoor care
Prune basil, oregano & herb plants to encourage more growth.
Ensure that tomatoes, berries and soft fruit bushes are netted.
Water plants in garden beds if 3 or more dry days.
Check solar powered lights are working. Replace broken or faulty parts.
Make or create a new fun activity for grandparents to do when minding children.
Check out the local markets. Make list of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit to get from next farmers market.
Do Wii fit workout and walk dog. If cannot walk or Wii fit, then run up and down stairs 20 times.
Make meal planner for week. Try new recipes
 Sit on the floor and watch your child play for 5 minutes
 Find a special rock
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