Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day heart shaped food menu

Why not indulge this Valentine’s day and spend the whole day eating heart shaped foods! Here are some ideas to help you.
© Heart shaped pancakes or toast ©
© Heart shaped watermelon ©
© Heart shaped sandwiches with your or your partner’s favourite fillings ©
© Heart shaped bread with yummy hot soup ©
Afternoon tea:
© Strawberries covered with white chocolate ©
© Heart shaped oat & white chocolate cookies ©
© Heart shaped pizza. You just make the base a heart shape
and cover with your favourite toppings. Yum! ©
© Refreeze ice-cream onto a tray and cut out heart shaped ice-creams. ©      
© Bake a circle and square cake to make a heart cake ©
© Lady Creativity

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