Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ryan's 30th birthday party

Here are the photos of how we set up Ryan's 30th birthday party and of the night.
Here is a checklist of how to organise a 30th birthday party.  
Download the checklist PDFs here:
Here are some photos of the party. 
 On the night we had about 80 people come to our house for the party. 
 Here is Ryan and I during the speeches. 
 Joshua loved the ice buckets and Bella sat with her Grandma most of the night.
 Before the party
We set the outdoor area up so there were lots of seats and an large open area.
Lots of food and drinks
Bar area decorated
Kids play area cleaned up.
Inside ready to go! Decorations up.
 My cakes I baked for Ryan!
 The alcohol supply in the laundry.
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