Saturday, 15 February 2014

How to make 30th birthday invitations

My husband Ryan’s 30th birthday party is next week, so I thought I would share how I made his invites. They are super easy to make and look great when finished. Here’s how to do it:
Templates I made (some info blanked out):
  • Invite back on photo paper (1 per invite)
  • Invite front on photo paper (1 per invite)
  • A4 coloured paper (1 page makes 3 invites)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen or pencil
  • Double sided craft tape
  • Glue stick
  • Envelops
  • Shape cutters (I had stars & balloons)
  • Glitter sequins (stars and 30th birthday)
Step 1: Choose the colour theme you want for your invites. Once you have decided, place a photo on a piece of A4 paper and rule a rectangle around it. Use pencil or pen for the lines, depending on how straight you can cut. I left a small amount around my photos, so I could fit 3 on an A4.

Then I ruled the lines to make it easier to cut straight. I also made a template out a of a different colour A4 paper, so you just have to trace it each time.
Step 2: Cut very carefully along the lines. You will need the scrap L shaped bit later.
Step 3: Now you need the three rectangles, glue stick, double sided craft tape and the photo front & back of the invites.
Cut and place the double sided tape on each corner of the photos and a piece in the centre of the photos. I have drawn yellow circles, as you couldn’t see it in the photo above.
Step 4: Now remove the backing paper from the double sided tape in the corners and centre. Put glue stick around the middle of the back of the photo and place in the centre of the blue paper rectangle.

Repeat this step for the back photo too on the same piece of paper. Make sure they are both the same way up too!
Step 5: Then you need the scrap L piece. I cut mine into half so I had 2 long strips of paper. Then I used the shape cutters to cut out shapes to put on the envelops later. I use 3 different size stars and a balloon cutter.
Here they are after I cut out all the shapes. I kept the scrap bit of with the shapes cut out for the kids to craft with.
Front of invites finished
Back of invites finished

Step 6 – The envelops:
Front: Now it’s time for the envelops. The first thing you need to do is make sure the invite fits inside your envelop and the cost to post the size you choose. Some envelops cost more than double normal postage. I chose a standard postage size. Then I wrote the address, put the stamp on and then added the stars, so I had enough room to write the address.
Back: Now I put 2 balloons on the back of the invite and wrote the number 30 on them. You could write any number for any birthday.
Inside: Place the invites inside the envelops, but before you seal it, make sure you add some 30th and star sequins. This makes it much more fun for the person opening the invite.
I hope that my husband Ryan has a wonderful 30th birthday!
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  1. Hi, i love your birthday invitations. Its lovely and easy to do, thank you for sharing. Have a nice day!

  2. Where did you get the template for the design of the invitations?

  3. HI Alexis, I created and edited the sections myself, as I needed it to fit the photos we had. Thanks for reading!


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