Saturday, 18 January 2014

Our trip to the zoo

Last week we went to the Melbourne Zoo. Joshua is now 17 months old and has recently started to love watching and learning about animals. We invited my parents to come as well, as it is a wonderful place for children and adults to enjoy. Melbourne Zoo is over 150 years old and has over 5000 animals! We decided to visit most of the big animals, as it would be easier for Joshua to see them. 
Our first stop was the bear enclosure. Joshua was enthralled and wanted to get into where the bears were. Luckily they have large glass walls, so Joshua could stand right next to the bears. Joshua pointing to the bear.
Joshua got very excited when we saw the meerkats. The whole front of the enclosure is glass, so he could get very close to the meerkats. They even had an exhibit close by with the baby meerkats!
He watched them happily for about 10 minutes and kept pointing to them to show us.
Butterfly house
The butterfly house is a huge greenhouse full of different types of tropical butterflies. Joshua went into the butterfly house with his grandma and grandpa. The butterflies amused Joshua for over 15 minutes, as they kept on fluttering by his hands.

Leading the way to the elephants
Joshua decided that he should lead the way for the rest of the day. So we made sure he was on the right path and followed him. The next big animal we came across were the elephants and the new baby elephant.
It was wonderful timing, as it was their feed time. So got to see the baby elephant really close up as they had their lunch. Joshua loved the elephants. 
Giraffes and zebras
I though Joshua would be tired by now, but he kept on walking and trying to pull his hat off! Then he saw the giraffes and zebras and was super excited. He was fascinated by how tall the giraffes are and kept pointing to them.
Penguins, parrots and pelicans
Then we went to the see the parrots. Joshua loved how close he could get. The birds were great to see, as they don’t move around too much, so Joshua could really look at them in detail.
Next we saw the pelicans! They were wonderful to see in their natural environment. Joshua has seen pelicans before, as they can be found in their natural habitat not far from our house in Western Port Bay.
I do have a soft spot for the penguins, as they are so cute! As it was a hot day the penguins were in the shade cooling down after we watched them swim around the enclosure.
Monkeys and gorillas
The monkey and gorilla area was packed with young children, so I could get a good photo :( However here is a photo of the whole enclosure. You can see some monkeys in the distance. By now Joshua was getting tired. So went to our last stop which was the seal house and the gift shops. On the way I found this great sign with rainforest lore. 
In the gift shop I couldn’t pass the baby tiger soft toys without getting one. Joshua loved it instantly and I wanted one because mum and I got for the Richmond Tigers in ALF football. Lastly I got him the Dear Zoo popup book by Rod Campbell so we always have a reminder of our trip to the zoo. 

I also got him a plastic pinwheel, as he is fascinated by the ones we have in our garden at home. Here it is after we added to our garden. 
Next year when Joshua is 2 years old, we think we might get a Melbourne Zoo membership. While it sounds expensive (about $180), it actually is great value - $15 to go once a month or $30 to go every two months. It allows you unlimited entry to Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo for 12 months. You even get free reciprocal entry to interstate zoos; Taronga Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Perth Zoo, Western Plains Zoo, Monarto Zoo.

Find out more here or
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