Saturday, 28 December 2013

White currant plants

 The white currant is a variety of the red currant. It is a deciduous shrub growing to 1 metre tall and masses of berries in summer. The white currant differs from the red currant only in the colour and flavour of the fruits. Currant bushes do best in partial to full sunlight. They are relatively low-maintenance plants. White Currant is a small shrub, that fruits early summer, best grown in cool climates.
Bare-rooted currant varieties are widely available and container-grown currants can be planted all year round, as long as the soil isn't frozen or waterlogged. If possible, buy a two-year-old plant - once planted it will remain productive for almost 20 years.
At the moment I have 3 plants waiting to be planted in our upcoming new vegie patch that is still getting built.
Grow currants in well-drained soil, which has been enriched by adding plenty of well-rotted manure. Choose a slightly sheltered spot, and although plants prefer full sun, they will tolerate dappled shade.
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