Saturday, 14 December 2013

Side vegie patch: growing beans, onions & spinach

Recently we made a small vegetable and herb garden at the side of our house. It is 40cms wide by 7 meters long and although it is not in full sun all day, it will have to do to as my new 20 metre by 1 metre vegie patch is still getting built (more on that later).

About a month ago:
We finally made the small vegie patch. It is on the side of our house and next to a driveway. Once we had nailed the sides and concreted the posts in, we filled the garden with new soil and aged manure. Then we covered it with cane sugar straw to keep the slugs out.
3 weeks ago:
I planted out my bean seedlings, making sure to carefully remove the straw first and space them out evenly. I can thin them out later if they are crowded.
I also made a string framework  for the beans to climb up once they are big enough to need support.
2 weeks ago:
The beans have grown and almost doubled in size.
I also have some onions and spinach growing.
This week:
The beans are going strong.
The onions has almost doubled in size!
The oregano is growing! I will be able to dry and hang it soon.
The basil is also growing large. I will start making some of my yummy pesto soon. Today I planted out some more snow peas, capsicum, pumpkin, basil, oregano and more spinach. I will update with more photos soon. 
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