Thursday, 26 December 2013

Frozen herbs in olive oil or water

So you have a ton of fresh herbs and not sure what to do with them. How about making frozen olive oil herb cubes. Preserving herbs in oil  or water reduces some of the browning and freezer burn that herbs can get in the freezer. It’s so easy!

Some folks do freeze soft herbs in bags without any water or oil, which essentially preserves them by drying them out. It's also a great way to have herbs ready immediately for winter stews, roasts, soups, and potato dishes. These dishes usually cook with oil, so you can take a cube of frozen herb cube out of the freezer and use this as the base of your dish.  You can even cook the onions and garlic in this herb-infused oil and let the taste of herbs spread through your whole dish.
1. Chop up herbs.
2. Put the chopped herbs in an empty and clean ice tray. Add olive oil or water.
3. Freezer over night in the freezer. Use when you need them for cooking.  
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