Sunday, 29 December 2013

Decorative Formula Tin Container

This idea came from a friend. She let her children decorate their left over formula tins. This made me think that I could decorate my left over tins with wallpaper to suit my d├ęcor in my house.

1. The first thing you need is left over tins. I used formula tins, however you could really use any tin.
2. The second thing you need is wallpaper or wrapping paper. My local craft store lets you have 20cm free samples of any wallpaper. So I got an assortment to this project and some I had already at home.
3. Once you have both of these, use a ruler to measure the diameter of your tin (around the edge circle) and the length from top to bottom.
4. Then use the pen to draw a rectangle with these measurements onto your paper. You will need to carefully cut this out, so you don't have a jagged edge.
5. Then apply the glue evenly to the back. I used standard PVA glue.
6. Carefully wrap it around the tin and apply pressure to allow it to evenly stick to the tin.
7. I used some rubber bands to make sure the paper stuck evenly. I only left them on for about 5 minutes and then removed them to make sure they didn’t leave a dent there.
8. Leave to dry for a few hours and your new tin is ready to use.
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