Friday, 13 December 2013

Children’s blackboard table and chairs

This week I found a bargain on EBay - this table and chairs were $7.00 and pickup from about 2km from my house! They were in used condition and had marks all over them, but that didn’t matter because I was going to paint them anyway. 

The steps I followed to transform the table and chairs were as follows:
1.   Decide on piece of furniture you wish to transform or upcycle.  I found this table and chairs on EBay.
2.   Then I sanded the table and chairs to remove all the areas of flaking paint and expose all the edges, as the edges are the most likely to get bumped by children.
Wash and clean inside and outside of table and chairs. This helps the paint adhere to the wood.   
3.   Find a dry airy place to paint your furniture. You will need a drop sheet or rag that will cover the ground below if you wish to protect it from paint. Make sure you have good ventilation and open the windows if possible.   
4.   Once you have set up, you can start applying the primmer paint. You will need to make sure you cover the whole surface area of the piece of furniture. Let it dry overnight or as long as it takes. You may need to cover with a second coat if the paint underneath is thick.  
5.   After allowing it to dry, I then applied the first coat of exterior paint. I didn’t cover the top of the table, as I’m going to put blackboard paint on it. 
6.   Once you have completed the first coat, make sure you put the brushes in a can or jar with turpentine covering up the top of the paint on the brushes. This will mean you can reuse the brushes with oil paint. Allow to dry overnight or as long as it takes. 
7.   The next day I painted the top with blackboard paint and it was finished. I cleaned the brushes in turpentine and put them away. Once everything was put safely back away, I let the furniture dry out for a few days to reduce the residual paint smell.  
8.   Then it was ready to go outside! Joshua and his friends love the blackboard table, as they can eat there and draw pictures as well!

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