Thursday, 21 November 2013

Wicker Nursery chair Before & After

I originally was given a white cane / wicker chair for the baby nursery. While it was a sturdy chair, it was not very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. I decided I might buy a cushion to put on it. However, I became inspired to make my own cushion and back rest while I was in Spotlight and saw this beautiful material.
1. The first thing I did was to get a large piece of paper or newspaper and measure out the distance around the top part of the chair (at top rim and bottom rim). Then I also make a patter for the base part. How I did this was to use newspaper and cut it to the exact size of the base.

2. The next task is to choose your material. I used a blue patterned cotton with grey elephants on it. I love it!

3. You will need something to place inside your cushions. I used heavy duty foam from Clark Rubber. I had my newspaper pattern, so I bought enough to fit inside that. You make wish to use feathers or another product.

4. Then you will need to cut the foam and material to size. I think used my pattern to cut the material, leaving enough around the edges to allow the sewing machine to stich it together by creating a seam. I used blue cotton and off I went.

5. Once I had created all the seams except for 1 edge, I simply placed the foam inside and sewed the last seam together.

6. Then I tested that it fitted, which it did! I then placed a beautiful baby blue mohair blanket for those midnight feeds and a soft toy for comforting baby.

7. Now the nursery chair is ready for anything. We all love it!
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