Friday, 1 November 2013

Twig heart shaped hanging wreaths

 Wondering what to do with all those little bits and pieces of twigs and branches? Here's how to make a twig heart for the garden.

  • collection of driftwood or branches
  •  a hot glue gun
  • wire or string to hang it up with

1.    Cut out the shape you want (heart star) on paper and use it as a guide. Today I'm choosing a simple heart.
2.    Arrange the wood roughly in the position you want it to be onto of the paper. We will use this as a guide when gluing.
3.    From there it's time to start gluing! Wood adheres very well with hot glue. Just make sure your branches are clean before you start, and remember that less is more. The branches don’t weight that much so use a little glue as possible. You don't want glue coming out from under your pieces.
4.    When you've finished your shape, remove the guide and check in between the pieces to ensure that there aren't any glue strings. If there are gently pull them off.
5.    Now you're ready to slip some string or wire behind it and place it into a wall to hang. I hung mine in my garden. 
I have also made sea glass heart wreaths if you’re interested.

♥ Lady Creativity

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