Wednesday, 27 November 2013

TV cabinet into nursery wardrobe

At my mum and dad’s house, they had an old TV cabinet that they were going to sell or get rid of, as they recently got a new flat line wall mounted TV. However we had the idea to turn it into a wardrobe for the nursery at their house.
Before transformation:
  • Baltic pine TV cabinet on wheels
  • Retractable doors that can be hidden into cabinet
  • TV stand inside cabinet, with a DVD player shelf
  • 2 drawers full of movies
After transformation:
  • Grandpa (my dad) removed the TV stand and installed a wardrobe rail to hang clothes on. The retractable doors are not affected by the wardrobe hanging rail
  • 2 drawers full of clothes, shoes and bedding.
  • Room for photos and toys on display on top.
  • Once wardrobe doors are shut, it looks very neat and is child friendly.
The bedroom wardrobe that is in the nursery at the grandparents’ house is already full of storage. So this is the perfect size to hold spare clothes and bedding for the occasional stay. It also is very neat and compact for when it is not in use. 
Look out for my post and photos of the new shelves being installed in this nursery.
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