Thursday, 7 November 2013

Toasted Ham & Cheese Croissants

This is one my family’s favourite treats. They are perfect for Sunday morning brunch or afternoon tea. Here is how to make toasted ham and cheese croissants.

  • 4 or more croissants from local bakery
  • 100g sliced ham
  • 50g sliced parmesan cheese (any cheese is ok)
  • Butter if desired
1. First get the croissants out and decide how many you wish to make. Then slice them in half lengthways as in the picture.

2. Place butter or margarine on if you want to.

3. Arrange your sliced ham onto one side of the cut croissants.

4. Place your cheese on top of the ham.

5. Put the second half onto of this. Now it is ready to grill.

6. I used a foil lined baking tray and placed them into my oven grill. Set your grill onto medium heat and grill for 2 minutes. If you have a sandwich toaster, you could also use this with the recommended settings.
7. Remove from the grill or toaster and allow time for it to cool.

8. Serve your meal to friends or family and enjoy!
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