Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Laundry improvement

The laundry in any home is a busy room, but especially when you have a 1 year old! Here are some photos of our laundry before and after we improved it.

Before we changed the laundry:
  • 2 plain white doors – not enough sunlight
  • Very unorganised shelving and dryer
  • Washing not stored properly.
  • Outside door plain white.
After we changed the laundry:  
(My husband hung the door and painted the room a bright white) 
  • New window slit door – lets a lot more natural sunlight in
  • Very organised washing machine and fridge. The dryer was moved to the garage.
  • New cane storage drawers for washing and laundry objects.
  • Bright mirrors to add more light to the room
  • Hooks added to rear wall to hang coats when entering via the laundry.
  • Outside door plain now has window slit door.


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