Friday, 22 November 2013

Finding good leash free dog parks

Do you take your dog to a leash free park when you walk your dog?  We really enjoy taking our golden retriever Bella and our 1 year old baby to leash free parks, especially if they have toilets and a fence.
Bella loves socialising with other dogs and to have a big run around.  
Recently I found this website that lets you search for local leash free parks. I was surprised to realise that there are 7 within 5 kilometres of my house. I found it very useful for the baby, as it tells you if there are toilets, fences and other features for each park. We have enjoyed exploring the parks, beaches, reserves and trails where you can take your dog and enjoy some off lead exercise.
Go here to search your area in Australia:
For international visitors try: 
This also led us to another leash free park that is approximately 1 hectare in size with the dog agility area including 5 sets of equipment. Also on the same site are a children’s playground, a large free play area, trails and picnic facilities.
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