Sunday, 10 November 2013

Blue tongue lizard at our house

Today when I got home from food shopping, our golden retriever Bella has having a hissy fit in the backyard. I quickly went to investigate and found the culprit! I was shocked when I saw that she had been barking at a blue tongue lizard hiding in our garden.
Needless to say, I removed our dog Bella to inside and managed to safely put the blue tongue lizard into a cardboard box. We live near an area of bushland and low woodlands. Many native animals can be found here, I have even seen a kangaroo a few years ago in the paddocks nearby!

Once I calmed the dog down with some treats, I swiftly returned the lizard to the closest nature reserve which is 6 acres of bushland. While blue tongue lizards may seem scary, you can actually keep them as pets in Victoria! The dominant feature that they have is a long blue tongue. I wasn’t game enough to get a photo of that!

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