Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bella's detached nail injury

Bella our golden retriever managed to 'rip' and detach (90% off) one of her nails a few weeks ago. She had hurt herself outside during her toilet break. At first I didn't notice, but then quickly realised she was limping, but couldn't find any blood. I thought she must have pulled a muscle in her leg. However about 10 minutes later I inspected her paw very closely and realised something was definitely wrong.
The white quick part of her nail that is normally under the fur was completely out. You can see (on the left side of the nail) the pink to white/see-through part of the nail that goes to the fur - is NOT supposed to be there.  
Normal nails and paw below:
 2 hours later: Vet trip 1
Straight away I called the local vet and took Bella in. Lucky this was in the morning and she was able to have surgery that day. They removed the nail and just left the nail stump, so a new nail could grow there.  
Bella with her bandage.
 5 hours later: Vet trip 2
Later that day I had to put my 1 year old Joshua down for his nap and left Bella unsupervised. Well, lets just say she let me know that she did NOT like having a bandage on her foot. I had to make a temporary bandage and go back to vet.
So the answer was to have a head shield. Bella was NOT impressed by the head shield. This way she couldn't bite and pull the bandage off.
 Something that also helped to cover the bandage was my 1 year olds spare odd socks on her paw.  This let me know if she had been trying to remove or bit the paw.
2 weeks later:
 After 2 weeks of recovery, Bella was back to normal.
She was allowed to remove the bandage and head shield.

She was feeling so good that she had a sneaky nap on Joshua's couch... until I caught her! 
Hopefully no more injuries for a while.
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