Friday, 8 November 2013

Backyard improvements: Retaining wall finished

When we move in there was only about 1 meter between our house and the rock retaining wall. There was no room to move and it was very unsafe for our baby on the way. To see photos of updates after this has been completed click the links below:
Before: 1 year ago
Before: 6 months ago
Last summer we saved up enough money to get the excess soil and rocks removed. Some rocks were up to a tonne heavy, so we needed a heavy duty bob cat.
We also had 80 cubic meters of soil removed!
It is so much better now, as there is about 4 meters off the house, so it is easy to move around. We kept some of the clay and had it placed around the perimeter of the block, so we can make raised gardens beds. 
Before - 2 months ago: building the wall
It took my husband about a month to build the wall. First he had to concrete in the upright poles. We got a hole digger to dig the post holes, as they had to be 1m deep in CLAY. It would have taken forever to dig!
  Bella supervised the process :)
Then he could add the horizontal pieces behind. While he was doing this, we added drainage pipes and stones behind the walls. You can see the drainage pipes in the photo below.
 A few weeks later after a lot of hard work, the wall was finally complete.
Now: Painting the wall
Now is was time to paint the wall. It took about 5 hours to get it all done!
Then we were ready to build the framework for the staircase. Here is a link
 Here is the view from under the roofed area at the side of the house.
 Here's a sneak peek of the gardens! Click here to see what we planted:
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