Sunday, 3 November 2013

Backyard improvements: Remodelling our rock wall

When we moved into our house, there was a horrible rock wall that was covered in clay and weeds. Here is how we transformed it.
Before: 1 year ago
Here are the photos of 1 year ago when we started. I was six months pregnant at the time, so my husband and dad helped out too.  My husband is camera shy! However my dad said I could photograph his back.
 First we removed all the excess clay and weeds and dug a deep trench behind the rocks. Then we half filled it with rocks and a pipe for drainage.
After this was done, we mortared up all the loose rocks and made the wall roughly the same height all the way along.
After: 1 year later
 'm sure you have noticed that the wall is a completely different colour now! Under all the clay stuck on them, the rocks were a light brown and grey colour. However I wanted them to be a dark grey colour. So we painted them with a special paint for outdoors. It is not sealed, so it will slowly wash away over the years. This allows the rocks to look natural, as their real colours start to show through.
We finished the trellis for the creepers (passionfruit and jasmine) and planted lots of ivy and blubs for spring. You can see here the rocks are about the same height after being mortared in. 
Look out for my posts on our new outdoor area and for the concrete to finally be down!
Here is  sneak peek:
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