Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Backyard improvements: garden beds completed

Here are some photos of how we improved and planted out our garden beds behind the retaining walls. Before we started there was a blank slate of CLAY. Here are the photos of how we created the garden beds, 2 months later after planting the plants and the finished product 1 year later. Here is the link to how we built the retaining walls.
2 month after we built the walls: 
We have been busy planting out our new garden. We used 7 Cleveland Select ornamental pears, lavender, snowdrops, strawberry plants, ivy and bluebell bulbs.
We planted 7 Cleveland select ornamental pears. We chose this variety of pears as they have a tall and slim growing habit, compared to many of the other ornamental varieties that grow very wide. Underneath the trees we planted small clumps of purple irises.
6 months later:
Here is the first update of the garden beds 6 months later. We have finished the concrete and added the roof to the outside area as well.

1 year later:
Here are some photos of the purple irises in bloom in the following spring.
 Over the last week our Iris flowers have been opening up.
 It is very exciting as we only planted them last year and have not had any flowers till now. 
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