Monday, 4 November 2013

1st Birthday party

 A few weeks ago it was our son Joshua’s 1st birthday party.
We were very excited and invited our friends and family. Here’s what we did:
Joshua loved blowing out his cake! 
Guests helping us celebrate. 
Joshua reading his cards! lol

 Opening his presents 
And the present pile! I think Joshua was a bit spoilt!

 On most of our food were little blue paper flowers that said V or GF.
This indicated to guests if the food was Vegetarian or Gluten Free. 

The lolly and party food table. 
Mars bar slice - yum my favourite! 
Cheese and dips.
While this is a very simple cheese platter, it was all gone by the end of the party. 
Gluten Free cupcakes 
Bruschetta yum! 
 Sandwich platter
Normal chocolate cup cakes
Drinking glasses ready to go for the adults.
This is the sticker I put on all the lolly bags. 

We got lots of blue balloons and hung them from everywhere! We had blue tablecloths, serviettes, drinking straws, plastic cups, plates and spoons. I also got lots of blue paper pom poms, paper lanterns and number 1s and hung them from the living room roof. 
 Joshua had a lovely 1st party and really enjoyed playing with the other children.
Hopefully his 2nd birthday party will be just as successful.
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