Friday, 18 October 2013

How to grow an English ivy wall

Ivy is an evergreen climbing shrub that cling by aerial roots. Ivy is an evergreen medium-sized climber with broad, five-lobed dark green leaves with wavy margins.
1. First choose a wall or garden that you wish to grow the ivy over. I chose a natural rock wall garden that we have near our patio. I thought it would be nice to eat meals outside with this as a backdrop.

2. Then make sure you have proper soil for a garden. My garden already did. If yours does not, buy a bag of potting mix or garden soil.

3. You will need a cutting of ivy or to buy a few potted plants. The variety of English ivy I used is Hedera helix 'Manda's Crested'. My lovely mother gave me multiple pots of ivy cuttings
3. Once you have planted your ivy plants and have watered them in properly, make a web of string lines for the ivy to grow along. I tied rocks to the bottom of the string to hold down the string and avoid it blowing around.
4. It may take a few months to see progress, but continue to thread the ivy along the strings.
5. Continue to thread the ivy along the strings. Eventually the ivy will join up into a wall of ivy! Make sure you trim the edges to a smooth line, or it may spread out of your garden.
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  1. Great idea! I will have to try this on my rock wall at home.


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